David Walley Coder

David C. Walley

Software Developer

  • 35+ years professional experience in analysis, design, and programming
  • Mathematically rigorous approach to standards, security and long-term code value
  • Project leadership and Quality Assurance / Risk Manager experience
  • Bachelor of Science plus post-graduate studies in mathematics
  • 20+ years object oriented programming, 15+ years PHP, Javascript, Java web programming
  • Confident creative thinker about chips, systems, human interaction and everything in between
  • Creator of DAVES coding meta-standard

DAVES Coding Meta-standard

Can we talk? We have problems, also known as bugs. Denial is not helping.

If you agree that we may be doing something wrong, then let’s work together to find a better way. DAVES is a call to action – to clear the slate, re-evaluate existing standards, and talk openly about new ideas. The only idea we reject outright is “we have it all figured out already”.

Join the revolution here.